Heating Up Cooling Down

The use of infrared thermography is a powerful tool when put in the right hands for building diagnostic purposes.  Once issues become visible to the naked eye, it is often too late and the remedial work required will be significant.  But what exactly is infrared thermography?


Infrared thermography shows us light in the invisible spectrum, converts it to a visible spectrum and displays it on a highly precise instrument.  This however, is not sufficient in building diagnostics.  Proper inspection is one half of the equation while proper analysis is the other half.


Infrared thermography is a powerful tool that can determine moisture issues, water infiltration issues, insulation issues, electrical issues, and much more.  In essence, whenever there is a difference in how heat is transferred through a medium, the interpretation made of the visual image is what an experienced inspector will use to propose proper remediation.


It is important to distinguish the use of infrared thermography from other technologies such as x-rays as people are often confused and wonder if infrared thermography can be used to see through walls.  This is not the case and observations made must, just as with x-rays, be interpreted with an educated eye.


No matter who you choose to do business with, it is essential that you ensure they have the proper training and certification (a level II is a must).

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